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Parker Highland Returns!

ABOUT: Bowie is dead. Trump is President. It's 2017. But analog and 8-bit still reign, and the internet doesn't exist. Google is a hotline. NTFLX is a TV station. There are no cell phones. Apple Shack is the leading manufacturer of handheld transceivers i.e. walkie talkies ("Putting the future in your hands and the dit dah in your day since 1976."). Millenials "morse" obsessively ("Morse = Morgue: for you and/or your passenger! Don't do something that fills you with REMORSE! Arrive alive! Don't Morse and drive!") And the most robust business on Main Street is a VHS rental shop called Planet of the Tapes ("REWIND! Even a monkey can do it!")

Oh, and the earth just might be hollow. ("The Truth is IN There.") 

Welcome to Highland Hollow. Founded in 1912 by Scottish laird/crypto-geologist Hammish Highland. Home of the "Highland Hole," the deepest cavern in North America, and of Parker Highland: lounge singer, geoscientist, high school senior, and the only one who can save us. 

Every town needs a hero.

FEATURING Laurence Mintz, Jeff Maschi, Celine Dirkes, Brian Nowak, and starring Danielle Illario as Parker Highland. 

ADMISSION: $10.00 at the door. FREE! w. RU student ID!

FEEL FREE TO BRING YOUR TWEENS! The future may be XX-rated (get it?), but the show is PG-13 (language, alcohol consumption, mild violence).