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Parker Highland Always Wins LIVE! World Premier!

Move over Sunnydale, HP's got its own Hellmouth. That's right, folks, this March, Highland Park is Highland Hollow and Pino's Lounge is Lloyd's Liquor Land.

DON'T MISS: Raconteur Radio's first ORIGINAL radio dramedy, PARKER HIGHLAND ALWAYS WINS! Think Buffy by way of Buckaroo Banzai. Or maybe an episode of Freaks & Geeks written by Jules Verne. A love letter to Highland Park, alternate realities, and the awesome 80s by the Dawson Onken brothers.

WITH: theatrical lighting, fog effects, period costumes, Golden Age radio equipment, and extensive sound effects. 

PLUS: live music, drink specials, lots of merch (t-shirts, posters, buttons, stickers), and an original, retro-RGB, pixel-perfect "Parker Highland Always Wins!" video game (set up to play).

ABOUT: Bowie is dead. Trump is President. It's 2017. But analog and 8-bit still reign, and the internet doesn't exist. Google is a hotline. NTFLX is a TV station. There are no cell phones. Apple Shack is the leading manufacturer of handheld transceivers i.e. walkie talkies ("Putting the future in your hands and the dit dah in your day since 1976."). Millenials "morse" compulsively ("Morse = Morgue: for you and/or your passenger! Don't do something that fills you with REMORSE! Arrive alive! Don't Morse and drive!") And the most robust business on Main Street is a VHS rental shop called Planet of the Tapes ("REWIND! Even a monkey can do it!")

Oh, and the earth just might be hollow. ("The Truth is IN There.") 

Welcome to Highland Hollow. Another small town where shit ain't right. Founded in 1902 by Scottish laird/crypto-geologist Hamish Highland. Home of the "Highland Hole," the deepest cavern in North America, and of Parker Highland: lounge singer, geoscientist, high school senior, and the only one who can save us. 

FEATURING Laurence Mintz, Jeff Maschi, Celine Dirkes, Brian Nowak, and starring Danielle Illario as Parker Highland. 

ADMISSION: $10.00 at the door. FREE! w. RU student ID!

RACONTEUR RADIO: stages theatrical presentations of vintage radio plays, classic works of literature/film, and pop culture parodies for live audiences at traditional and improvised venues throughout the Tri-State area. They've been called "family friendly guerrilla theater" by the New York Times, one of "the 7 best things to do in NJ" by the Newark Star-Ledger, "innovative and entertaining," by the Home News Tribune, and "a radio show on steroids," by the Courier News. As well as "epic!" by Lev Grossman (of Time Magazine), "amazing!" by Kyle Hartzell (of NPR), "dazzling!" by Megan Ryan (of wNYC), "spellbinding!" by Tom Lynch (of Theatre World), "awesome!" by Stephen Segal (of Weird Magazine & Geek Wisdom), "thrilling!" by Barry Monush (of The Museum of Television & Radio), and "outstanding!" by Lee Pfeiffer (of Cinema Retro Magazine). For more info, visit

WAIT, WHAT IS THIS? A radio play or audio narrative, what some call an "ear movie," is a story told through dialogue, sound effects, and music. We add costumes, colored spots, a fatboy Elvis mic, and, sometimes, a fog machine and/or a strobe light, then perform it for live audiences at a range of traditional and improvised venues throughout the Tri-State area.