Whiskey Corner


Few Bourbon Whiskey

strong notes of cinnamon and clove riding on a very herbal body. Anise, caramel, nutmeg, butterscotch and a resinous pine mix and mingle with citrus peels and an ambiguous sweetness. There is a bit of rye spice lurking about with a touch of young astringent oak in the background.


Few Rye Whiskey

A soft but dominant rye leads a complex procession of caramel, vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon and wood.  Subtle shifts of butterscotch, pepper, citrus zest, raw grains and roasted chestnuts come and go with ease.

featherbone long.jpg

Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon

Locally grown Midwest organic corn makes up the lion’s share of this fine bourbon. It’s balanced out with a healthy dose of Michigan wheat to provide a soft sweetness, a dash of rye to provide a little spice, and a bit of barley malt to smooth it all out. It has a classic vanilla aroma and sweetness with hints of malt, spice and tobacco.